A place to SMILE: Succeed, Motivate, Inspire, Learn, Excel




  • I always try to do my best


  • I am proud of my own achievements and those of others
  • I show respect


  • I think about my actions to make positive choices and take responsibility for these
  • I understand that it is important to tell the truth so that others trust me


  • I am fair and friendly and try to solve problems peacefully
  • I care about others and know people in my school care for me
  • I look after my world so that everyone can enjoy it


Our learning and teaching

  • All areas of our learning is fun, interesting, enjoyable and challenging, and teaches us skills for when we become adults.

​​​​​​​Our school community and relationships

  • Our vision (SMILE) and values encourage us to excel, do our best every day and to make sure all children feel valued and are included. All pupils and adults have a say in all that matters. 

Our health and wellbeing

  • We help and support each other to make good and healthy choices around being Safe Healthy Active Nurtured Achieving Respected Responsible and Included.

Our successes and achievements

  • We celebrate pupils' successes and achievements in and out of school in lots of different and fun ways.

In this section

School Contact Details

Information on how to locate and contact the school.

School Documents

View and download our school documents including School Handbook, HMIE report, School Improvement Plan and School Catchment information.

School Staff

List of our school staff

School Lunch Menu

View the current school meals menu.

School Uniform

We have a school uniform which we encourage children to wear.

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures affecting the school.

School Terms and Holidays

West Lothian Council school term dates and holidays